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devicive and to attack allen for the remarks that he has made. >> reporter: and when he was governor, they enjoyed knocking democrats. >> reporter: on the affordable care act, they would like to bring more cost savings to it. allen would like it gone. >> that will be different for you. governor cain said that they should be allowed to expire at the incomes for $500,000 and up. governor allen said that they should remain in place. >> and if they go back to work where they were and where they were before, we were on the longest economic expansion in the history of the united states. >> reporter: they pose any proposed taxes. then look at them being away for forming the tax codes.
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they show a significant lead over allen as he applied. >> this will be a close race. >> and in tysons, peggy fox, 9news now. in the latest washington post poll, he is leading george allen by eight ints among the likely voters. >> reporter: when it comes to the white house, they spent the day in florida, making an appeal to the hispanic voters. just one day after they voted the reform. is he emphasized the steps that he needed to take to come to the u.s. legally, illegally that is as children. >> not just the latino company, but all americans that believe they are there. >> reporter: but in sarah soda, they needed to turn it on. and the sunshine state,
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medicare. >> reporter: the hope the people in florida will understand this. he cut medicare by 7 -- by $716 billion. we're going to put that back in the medicare for you, back into the care of our seniors. >> the latest polls give them a 15-point lead over the president in florida when it comes to voters over the age of 65. just 75 days after the election, whoever wins will be sworn in as president. and today, that preparation officially began of the driving of the ceremonial first view, marking the start of the construction on the platform for the next president. where they need to take their oath of office on january 21. >> and hiring still pretty weak in this country. they were down by 3,000 last week, but the four-week average was up for the fifth straight week. within just 45 -- 47 days, they are wrapping up the work
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this week. members could head home for the campaigning. but still a lot of unfinished buildings. it doesn't look like they will need to vote, a measure that will provide $1 billion for you. s a the farm bill for you for the house and the federal food house building as well. and they are still struggling with the finances. >> then the big elephant in the room. the looming cuts that will translate to $65 billion out of the defense department money, just after the first of the year. it was the topic of the house here on the service hearing today. >> a great effect for you during the time of the extraordinary challenges to the nation. >> it if they could not come up with the deal, then the automatic cuts will take effect and they will mean more than $100 billion for the cuts for the thousands of the federal agencies and the programs. however, they are confident
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that they will find out a sort of deal for you for the end of the year after they come back from the campaign break. the u.s. postal service has a plan for you to make more money. you know about it. they report the agency wants to increase their direct advertising customer base. that would translate even more. now a 9news update for you. praising the new arlington national cemetery after they rammed them, they were cited for mismanagement. now today's report, they show that they have transformed arlington into a premier institution. the u.s. park police, they will be expanding their public alert systems. and the commuters that will use the several parkways in the d.c. metro area. they will cover things like the road closures, special events
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that you may need to know about. you can sub describe for these alerts by texting all of them here. the information is right there on your screen. well metro, they are still trying to figure out why the power went along for you on wednesday. fewer than 100 redline passengers had to be sent on out there at the substation. another 1,000 was stranded. and it was like that for about an hour and a half. they said that the outages did not impact the passenger safety. well actually, you know, the way that the power outages have occurred is because of safety and the protective equipment that had shut down the power before it becomes a safety issue. well, we did ask them about that if they thought it was just the system showing up their age. and he said that the system, it is certain hi old. who is working hard to keep it updated as quickly as possible, but there will be knopped case that the age was at the root of this problem. metro says that the problem
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with the elevator that stranded 17 people at the town station this morning. it does not appear to be related to the power issues from yesterday. they did ask us to fill in the blank. they issued the past couple of days that it has been blank. you can join in on the conversation on our facebook page. we've got a commuter alert for those of you that will be planning to take metro this weekend for you. the buses, they will replace trains on the redline between these areas. that's all part of the work to make the system safer and more reliable. certainly something they would like to see happen. especially this week. that means that the medical center and the bethesda station will be closed. that work will be expected to run from 10:00 tonight and until the system will reopen for you on monday morning. welcoming up at 7:00, besides the roads, find out what else could stand in with the atomic bomb. get your livers -- deliveries ready. but still to come in this half hour, the kindness of a complete stranger that has an
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entire town talking and searching for the hero. topper? and another fantastic day. temperatures are a little below average, but i had no complaints on the weather office. here are your numbers now. officially in national, 75 and 54. again, 54, it's as low as it has been since last may 14. averages are coming down, 79- 61. and you could still get hot though. 94 is your record high. we'll come back and talk about how you'll finish the week and summer. and a look ahead to your football weather. but first after two slowdowns this week, a big warning about the website for some banks. we'll tell you more in our consumer alert.
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the financial services information sharing and analysis center, they said that there is a potential for a tax
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that would make those websites unusable. no word yet on what specifically caused this week's outages. well, the prosecutors are giving up their fight to see a notebook sent to a university psychiatrist by the suspect in the deadly colorado theater shooting. the prosecutors just don't want to delay the proceedings anymore for james holmes, who is charged with killing about 12 people, wounding 58 others at an aurora movie theater back in july. one of the men convicted in the murder of the popular principle is dead. police said that the 21-year- old of southeast was shot and killed when he tried to shoot himself last night. he was fresh out of prison, released in april after serving 18 months behind bars for his part of the death of the middle school principal. the chairman of the house oversight government reform committee, they are welcoming in a new report by the department of justices
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inspector general. they call the report a huge step forward. the fast and furious was aimed at tracking the gun smuggling to the mexican drug cartel. they lost track and many ended in the crime scenes. >> it's a poster child for what you don't do with the deadly weapons. you don't want to lose track of them. you don't allow more and more and more of them to go, while, in fact, you are already seeing the affects of those weapons here, killing people in mexico. >> the inspector general's report mostly blamed the federal agents and prosecutors in phoenix for the botched operation. still ahead, taking the new steps to try to sell the smithsonians to a younger generation.
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the statue of liberty is getting open for the public. it will be their 126th birthday. but fewer tickets than usual will be in an effort to send out the clouds on that day. they will be back in their home state tonight. they left houston on the back of the modified 747 this morning. al before landing outside of los angeles, not too far from
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where the shuttle fleet was first assembled. they will take to the skies to land over silicone valley and l.a. then next month, that flat bed trailer will carry the shuttle throughs los angeles for the final destination at a museum. they will be out at the smithsonian center near the dulles airport. tonight, the entire smithsonian system is hoping that a new ad campaign will draw more people to see it and all of their other exhibits. >> reporter: i'm armando trull at the smithsonian. one of the oldest institutions it in washington is embracing the digital aid and their digital citizens, asking madison avenue for help. this is a part of the first ever advertising campaign for the smithsonian. >> we want people to know that they could be very useful to help parents educate their kids and to help teachers educate the young people. >> reporter: they will drive you to the seriously amazing website, which asks questions
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and then provides seriously amazing answers. >> i think that seriously amazing is about being surprised. the ads target young mothers. >> a lot of the times i don't have time to come to the museum physically. when we talk about these younger people, communicating using digital technology. they could be any place any time anywhere. 9news now. for the first time in history, they gave birth this week right in the middle of the combat zone. the gunner in the artillery started complaining about stomach pain on tuesday. hour hours later she gave birth to the baby boy. now, that soldier didn't even know that she was pregnant. they are planning to shift her and the baby out of afghanistan
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later this week. >> i hope they are both healthy, but i'm baffled on how that is possible. moving on. the search is on for the bus driver and their random act of kindness has been inspiring the entire city. tuesday morning they couldn't figure out why they stopped in the middle of the route. he opened up the door, called the man on the sidewalk. steppedded off the bus, speaking to them for a few minutes. then he took off their shoes and got back to the bus. >> one of the ladies that was sitting in front of me got off and asked them or said to them, you know, that was like the most amazing thing that i have seen. like why did you do that? and he said because i couldn't stand seeing somebody walking barefoot in this temperature. >> there are good people out in the world. the passengers say that the whole exchange, they brought tears to their eyes. the city won't say who the driver is and the local shelters, they have been asking around, but no one knows who the man is either. now that is a heartwarming
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story. >> yes, absolutely. >> they multiply. >> that's right. one drop starts a puddle. >> oh yeah. >> moms are always done with that. now, we are looking at temperatures about perfect. it will be cool for you tonight, not as chilly. i'm going to repeat this again. we were at 40 in dulles. five out of the last ten minutes in the burbs. okay, we'll start with our michael and son live cameras, the weather cam. and we have clouds around for you, but not, you know, still very great. 54 is the dew point so it is comfortable, not humid. they are southwest at about 9 and the pressure is still steady. 0.4 inches of mercury. now, they will talk about a little frontal boundary just to the west of detroit and then moves their way back to southeastern missouri. and it looks like they will be going through pretty quickly. they won't go through until saturday night. in the meantime a little system
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that will dip into the west lakes. they won't have too much moisture with it. don't change your plans, as they go there u, maybe a sprinkle. ushering in had pretty cool air. now it will work out kind of nicely. a few high level clouds. temperatures are fantastic. 70 in bethesda, 76 in rockville and gaithersburg and great fall. 73 in sterling and 73 in college park. pretty nice. okay, more like summer for a while at least. tomorrow is the last full day of summer. it will be cool tonight, not chilly. you'll need your sunglasses tomorrow and even warmer for you on saturday. we're talking mid-80s on saturday. not as chilly. open up the windows to about 60 downtown. we'll trade in the 40s for the
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50s overnight. 59 downtown to college park. maybe 53 in bowie. mostly pleasant, a cool start, but not a chilly start. high temperatures in the lower 80s. for the next three days, code green. we will be great tomorrow, great on saturday, 84. not a big deal and then boom, it is fall. cooler, but nice. temperatures are about 72. a little cool if you're going up to the ravens game on sunday night. but just gorgeous if you are here in town for the redskins and the home opener. after that, it stays kind of cool for you on monday. warms up a bit for you on wednesday and we're back in the lower 70s on thursday. >> all in all it will be a nice streak. >> okay. >> yeah. >> perfect timing. come on, let's get it done. >> i don't know who will be up
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top even more. baseball and playoffs. we don't hear those two words putting -- put together too often, but they will try to make it to the playoffs. can they get her done? the dodgers are substantial doubting in the way, getting ready as they talk about it all coming up next in sports.
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how is this for a cliche thing? that will be pretty big. they almost got it down here. they tied up it -- they tied it up and then they thought they could control them. dodgers win. 7-6. they need to wait one more night. we're in had control of the situation, you know, if we need to play up to our kids, they will go for the next day. i think that they wanted the division, the playoff spot, you know, it was nice, but that is what they have said. it will be pretty awesome.
6:26 pm
>> an ironic twist that will be fantastic in the house tonight. you remember that they were the gm here for the nats in had 2006 and 2010 and then he left, stepping down. he's now ahead with them there. he always thought that they could prosper as they will be here for them. and there has been a great siting as they claimed hockey. not for them, but they will be in moscow playing for the great club. while the regular day job will be it in a lockout as they said they will be there. redskins are getting ready for cincinnati, the burgundy gold opener, all about them red -- getting ready. 80 more rushing for them. they said that they would like to see the development of their
6:27 pm
young quarterback. you can see them going like that. >> the game is not too bad for them. they are as competitive as they have been around, fighting on every play. it will be fun to watch out there. >> and yes, we have great games in our high school game of the week. some good football games. go to that website on the bottom of your screen and you can vote on those games. we'll give you the results for you later on tonight in the lead off coverage on friday. 8,000 of you have voted thus far. all right, ladies, it could be a big night here. maybe after this game that i will be in the clubhouse with lines all over me. i guess i'll need to wear the goggles to keep dry. [ laughter ] we will see for the champagne. you know what i'm talking about. >> that's the way that they would have it for sure. is >> yes. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. and derek is back with our area's only local newscast. join us as well. have a great night.
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>> pelley: tonight, a dead heat race looking for a breakout moment. the road to the white house ran through florida today. jan crawford reports the romney campaign is shifting strategy. nancy cordes is with the president. president, facing tough questions. a top libyan official tells liz palmer, that government may be too weak to arrest the men behind the killing of the u.s. ambassador. chip reid on how the melting of the polar ice cap could affect our weather. >> we're seeing losses of ice i never thought i would see if my career. >> pelley: and can the world's dying coral be rescued? elaine quijano dives into a bold experiment that just might save the reefs. >> i get real excited. i can't wait to see what it look
6:31 pm
likes in five more years. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting. >> pelley: good evening. well, today you might have thought they were running for governor. president obama and mitt romney worked florida as if it was the state that would decide the election. and, of course, it is the biggest of the few states that could go either way. we were struck by the national gallup poll today. all tied up, 47 to 47. other recent polls have shown the president ahead but only slightly. that's the case here in florida where one of the latest polls show mr. obama ahead 49% to 44, but it's a slight lead because the poll has a margin of error of three percent annual point. we were in sarasota today for an interview with mitt romney, which will appear in a special "60 minutes" report featuring
6:32 pm
conversations with both candidates. that will be coming up this sunday. after a few missteps lately, romney has been facing doubts among some republicans, but today he told us that his campaign is on track. we have our campaign 2012 team with the candidates as always and we'll start tonight with jan crawford. jan. >> reporter: well, scott, governor romney's advisers concede it's been a bad two weeks for him, if for no other reason he got off his message of jobs, so they're changing their tactics a bit. they're going to make romney more visible on the campaign trail, more focused in his message, and more focused and forceful if drawing sharp contrast with the president. and we saw it today here in sarasota. >> i can change washington! i will change washington! we'll get the job done from the inside. republicans and democrats will come together. he can't do it. his slogan was yes, we can. his slogan now is no, i can't. this is time for a new
6:33 pm
president. >> reporter: since accepting the republican nomination last month, romney has struggled to make headway with voters. that triggered criticism from his own party. recently, romney's made few campaign appearances, focusing on debate preparation and fund raisers, and he's been off his economic message for two weeks, first criticizing the president after the embassy attacks in egypt and libya... >> the first response of united states must be outrage. >> reporter: then getting sidetracked from the fallout from the leaked video from a fund-raiser in which he said 47% of americans who pay no federal income tax were recommends and dependent on government. at the same time the president has seen his poll numbers rise. mr. obama seems to be solidifying his support in states some thought could tilt for romney. in pennsylvania, a new "philadelphia ipchoirer "poll has the president up by 11, 50 to 39% the campaign pulled staff
6:34 pm
from new mexico air, state romney had once hoped to capture. in a shift in strategy, campaign sources say romney will step up his campaigning to engage more with voters. he'll offer more specifics on his economic plans and how they would affect average americans. he also will appear more often in his own television ads. >> we've got to stop spending more money than we take in. >> reporter: now, next, we romney will hit the campaign trail in the midwest. we'll be on a bus tour in ohio. his running mate paul ryan will also be in ohio. the campaign suggested they will be campaigning together and now they're saying they may just cross paths. there's no question advisers think he's a better candidate when campaigning with paul ryan that the two have a very good rapport together on the campaign trail. >> pelley: thanks, jan. president obama was in miami for a town hall meeting on the spanish language network univision. the latest gallup poll shows the president leads among hispanics
6:35 pm
nationwide by a whopping 64% to 27. but today he faced some really tough questions. nancy cordes is traveling with the president. nancy. >> reporter: scott, back in 2008, the president told univision he would introduce comprehensive immigration reform his first year in office. well, it never happened, and so today, he was asked repeatedly why he broke that promise. he blamed republicans. >> what i confess i did not expect, and so i'm happy to take responsibility for being naive here-- is that republicans who had supported comprehensive immigration reform suddenly would walk away. >> a promise is a promise. and, with all due respect, you didn't keep that promise. >> well, here's what i say, jorge, is that-- and we've had this conversation before. there's the thinking that the president is somebody who is
6:36 pm
all-powerful and can get everything done. we have to have cooperation from all the sources in order to get something done. >> reporter: the president insisted he is still committed to immigration reform, and he highlighted his recent executive order allowing up to 800,000 young people who were brought here illegally to remain in the country. >> and that stand in contrast with the other candidate who has said he would veto the dream act, that he is uncertain about what his plan for immigration reform would be. >> reporter: the obama campaign has been courting hispanics far more aggressively than the romney camp with spanish language ads in five battleground states that have large hispanic populations. such as florida. today, president obama was also asked about mr. romney's controversial comment regarding the 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes. >> are there people who abuse the system?
6:37 pm
yes. both at the bottom and at the top. because there are a whole bunch of millionaires who aren't paying taxes at all, either. >> reporter: one thing the president said today at that forum is getting a lot of attention. he said he had learned that you can't change washington from the inside. now, he may not have meant it exactly the way it came out, scott, but governor romney sure noticed it and is already saying he would change washington from the inside. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. president obama was also out with the tv ad today in islamabad, pakistan. in the ad, mr. obama and secretary of state clinton denounced that american-made anti-islamic film that has touched off riots throughout the middle east and the muslim world. the u.s.edly spend $70,000 on these ads. >> since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. >> pelley: the embassy ad is
6:38 pm
running on seven pakistani tv channels, and here is why that ad campaign seems like a good buy. in islamabad today, more than 1,000 students, armed with sticks and stones, tried to reach the u.s. embassy. they were stopped by riot police and army troops who used tear gas to break up the crowd. the first reports from libya last week said it was a similar protest that ended in the murders of the u.s. ambassador and three other americans there. but today, for the first time, the white house called the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi a terrorist attack. elizabeth palmer has been investigating in benghazi. >> reporter: at a solemn memorial service, libya's president paid his respects to ambassador christopher stevens. u.s. deputy secretary of state william bornes had earlier flown
6:39 pm
into the capital under tight security. behind the scenes, an f.b.i. team is preparing to fly to benghazi to investigate the attack. the compound behind these walls is the major crime scene. but any evidence left inside will have been badly contapped by the looters and the curious local people who flooded in after the attack. here's what abcs, officials, and libyan commanders in charge that night have told us. sometime around 9:30 p.m., about 70 armed men attacked the consulate's main gates with guns and heavy weapons. they then stormed in, overwhelming local and american security. with all four buildings on fire, the libyan government ordered a local militia to the rescue. that militia helped to ferry 31 americans and the body of sean smith out the back gate in armored cars to awe of a house a mile away rented by the u.s. government. shortly afterwards, it, too,
6:40 pm
came under fierce attack. what we still don't know is how back at the compound ambassador stevens got separated from his security detail only to be found dead or dying just after midnight by the crowd. suspicion for the attack is focused on a powerful islamist militia, ansar al-sharia, so powerful, that our questions at the interior ministry made spokesman pe pez very nervous. are you going to catch the guys who did this, or are they too strong for you? "no," he admitted. with the we don't have enough pow to catch them" maybe not, but as far as the u.s. government is concerned, doing nothing is not an option. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer jonesinous benghazi. liz, you mentioned the f.b.i. investigation. when is that going to get under way? >> reporter: we spoke to the benghazi attorney general this morning and he knows the
6:41 pm
libbians have neither the expertise nor the technology to do any kind of proper frepsic investigation. basically, the libyans are waiting for the f.b.i. to arrive here and leave the way, he hopes within two or three days. >> pelley: liz, thank you. tyrone woods was laid to rest in san diego today. he was one of the american guards who died defending the embassy personnel in the benghazi attack. woods was a former navy seal who was working for a private security firm. he was 41 years old and leaves a wife and three sons. in colorado today, prosecutors in the case against james holmes abandoned their efforts to get a hold of a. book that holmes mailed to his psychiatrist. holmes is the suspect in that movie theater massacre in july. barry peterson report reports tt holmes appeared today with a whole new look. >> reporter: this is how james holmes looked in his previous court appearances-- disshelved
6:42 pm
long hair dyed owner and inattentive to the pointer of almost seeming to fall asleep as if he was dazed or on medication. but today, a whole different look and demeanor. his dark brown hair close cropped, a beard and mustache neatly trimmed. and he was alert, following the proceedings, at times even looking into the audience as attorneys argued over access to the. book he allegedly mailed to the university of colorado. a swat team was called in when it was discovered in the school mail room four days after the shooting. it was addressed to university psychiatrist dr. lynne fenton, who had treated holmes while he was a student there. sources say the. book contains sketches and notes allegedly made by holmes of the attack, eerily similar to the attack at the aurora theater that killed 12 and wounded 58. the prosecution decision to withdraw demands to see the. book was a surprise.
6:43 pm
they claim a legal battle over the. book could have delayed a trial for up to a year and they expected to tee it at a lateridate dateif defense lawyers claim he was insane. i was in the courtroom for holmes' first appearance, and the difference between what he looked like then and today was nothing short of stunning. i had to look twice to make sure i was seeing the same man. but because of the gag order, we have no idea what brought about this dramatic change. >> pelley: barry, thank you. the check is in the mail for some of bernie madoff's victims. measuring the speed of the economic recovery. and how the melting of the arctic ice cap is likely to affect your weather when the cbs evening news continues. from sarasota, florida. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor.
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throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage. >> pelley: the national weather system today gave us its forecast for the rest of 2012, and chip reid looks at what has already been a volatile year for weather and what we can expect in the months ahead. the ice that for millennia nearly covered the arctic ocean has been melting so quickly the polar ice cap today is the smallest it's been since satellite record keeping began more than 30 years ago. this was the polar ice cap in
6:47 pm
1980. now, it's about half that size, and the remaining ice is thinner than it used to be, making it more likely to melt next summer. david robinson, a climbatologist with rutgers university, sails the record for melting arctic sea ice was shattered in 2007. >> we thought that might be the record for quite a while, and here we are just five years later, and we've shattered that record. we're seeing losses of sea ice i never thought i'd see in my career. >> reporter: robinson says the arctic could be ice-free well before the previous estimate of the year 2050. that's bad news for polar bears who live on sea ice, but it could also mean extreme weather for much of the northern hemisphere. >> we might change the pattern of the jet stream, might make it flow further to the north and dip further to the south, be a more windy, twisty jet stream. >> reporter: that could generate more storms and even greater extremes in temperature. through the first eight months of 2012, 33 states set all-time
6:48 pm
records for average highs. government scientists said today that trend is likely to continue at least through december, making this the warmest year on record, especially in the midwest and northeast. there's one possible piece of good news in all this, scott. scientists say that if that jet stream does become more windy, twisty, that could mean more rain for the south and for the great plains, rain that's desperately needed after years of droughts. >> pelley: well, it looks like a nice day there in washington. and here in florida, too. at least for now. chip, thanks very much. we saw new evidence today of how the great recession has changed america. the census bureau reports that median household income fell last year for the fourth straight year. it's now just over $50,000. half of households make more, half less. there is some improvement, though. in 2010, median household
6:49 pm
incomes decreased in 35 states, but last year, incomes fell in 18 states. in one state, vermont, income rose by 4%. sacred ground will become this nation's newest national monument. we'll have that just ahead. it advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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6:52 pm
investment firm says the latest checks totally $2.5 billion were mailed yesterday. the trustee estimates that madoff's investors lost $17 billion in the ponzi scheme. he's recovered about half of that. "endeavour" is neither the end of its final mission. the shuttle headed west tawd from houston, strapped on the back of a 747. it flew over tucson, arizona, the home of former congresswoman gabby gifford. her husband, mark kelly, was "endeavour's" last commander. it landed at edwards air force base in california are and tomorrow it flies toes and its retirement in a museum. also tomorrow, will designate colorado's chimney rock archaeological area a national monument. pueblo indians once uses the soaring rock formation to see lunar standstills, a phenomenon in which the moon rises between
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
damage 70% of the world's 84al by the year 2030. it's a problem here in florida, so we sent elaine quijano to meet a man who has pieced together a way to save reefs. >> reporter: marine biologist ted nedimyer sounds like a proud parent when he talks about coral, the tiny organisms living on limestone that keep growing off the coast of florida. >> especially when they start getting big and they're spawning and there are fish living inside them. i get real excited. i think that's great. i'm thinking i can't wait to see what it look likes in five more years. >> reporter: over the last decade, nedimyer and a small team, have developed new techniques to grow and replace coral damaged by environmental changes. we dove 30 feet below the than i thought they would. if you look down there, all of
6:57 pm
those in the last two years, there's a lot of coral there. >> reporter: when you look at this what, do you see? because of disease, pollution, and warming ocean temperatures, coral coverage in florida has decreased from about 50% 30 years ago to 7% today. what happens if reefs die off here? >> the tourism collapses. you know, the whole economy of the florida keys changes, and the whole ecosystem just degrades. >> reporter: nedimyer's solution is to remove pieces from healthy coral-- >> every six months he cut the ends off and plant them down there. >> reporter: ...then using a waterproof adhesive he mountses them on slabs or hooks, where they grow until they are ready for transplant. >> we're starting to transplant elkhorn coral. it's a real exciting coral. there's no other coral like it in the world. elkhorn coral forms these huge
6:58 pm
reefs on and they like waves smashing on them. if you don't have them taking the brunt of the waves your beachfront house will take the brunt of the waves. >> reporter: nedimyer recently received permission from the government to plant 50,000 pieces of coral in florida keys but he needs money to do that. his group, the coral restoration foundation, relies most plea on private donation. he only has enough money to keep operations running through january. >> i'm not ready to quit. we have a lot to do and we're confident that we'll find, you know, some way, some how, to make it happen. >> reporter: nedimyer plans to go global, restoring not only florida's lost coral, but saving coral around the world, a small piece at a time. elaine quijano, cbs news, key largo, florida. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news from sarah so the aflorida, with thanks to the marie salvi botanical gardens for this wonderful view. for all of us at cbs news all
6:59 pm
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